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PC Montagne Simulator 2 D, est un jeu de simulation.

Vous avez qu'un objectif, rendre votre PC plus puissant en achetant des composants qui se trouvent dans la boutique (icône en jaune), ensuite les composants achetés se trouvent dans votre inventaire (icône en bleu), pour installer le composant vous devez double- cliquer sur les composants qui se trouvent dans l'inventaire. Pour fermer l'inventaire / tour et la boutique appuyer sur la touche espace de votre clavier

Sur se je vous souhaites bon  jeu :) 


PC Mountain Simulator 2 D, is a simulation game.

You have only one objective, to make your PC more powerful by purchasing components that are in the store (icon in yellow), then the purchased components are in your inventory (icon in blue), to install the component you must double - click on the components which are in the inventory. To close the inventory / tour and the shop, press the space key on your keyboard

On if I wish you good game :)


PC Montage Simulator 2D.zip 8 MB


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I got all the upgrades for the PC with a performance score of 7680. The game is rough around the edges, but I liked the idea of this game a lot. Making money with a computer for the purpose of building a better computer was fun. :) It would be cool to see the computer's temperature, processing speed, voltage requirements, and more statistics to make the buying/equipping feel more relevant to the needs of the computer.

Thank you for your opinion :)
I took note of your idea