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Français : 

Le but du jeu est de maintenir une température entre 100 et 0 degrés, si jamais la central monte a 100 degrés alors la central explose et vous perdez, si jamais la central passe à 0 degrés alors la central ne marchera plus et vous perdez aussi.

Donc votre objectif est de survivre le plus longtemps possible :) 

English : 

The object of the game is to maintain a temperature between 100 and 0 degrees, if the central ever rises to 100 degrees then the central explodes and you lose, if the central ever goes to 0 degrees then the central will no longer work and you lose too.

So your goal is to survive as long as possible :)


Machine Central.zip 12 MB


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It's a bit difficult to keep the machine in good shape.
Well, the thing that strikes my eyes the most. It is the many French mistakes in the texts (I'm French).
Having said that, it's cool to have to try to create a translation and change the language. I hesitated to write my commentary in FR. XD, if you need help. I'm here ! Or on the Gamecoder discord ;). Contact me by private message.
The music stop if you are in the help or credit screen.

indeed I made a lot of mistakes in French (I forgot to read myself again ^^ ').

But what a coincidence because I am also a student of Gamecodeur x).
In any case, I thank you for taking the time to give your opinion, and for mistakes I will correct immediately :p